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How I wear my Hermès pleated scarf

Tied, twisted, looped, folded, rolled, rumpled—an Hermès scarf lends itself to endless transformations and yet somehow, it manages to always look the same: très elegant. With more than 1,500 versions to flirt with, these magical, hand-painted silk squares are just as beguiling today as when they first sprung to life in 1937. Their trademarks, which include 90-centimetre sides, specially treated silk twills and hand-rolled borders, were established early on. Over the years, some have been reinterpreted and reinvented to appeal to a younger demographic, notably a playful, pleated style (the Plissé) in 1980. 

As much as I like the pleated Hermès scarves I find them hard to wear. Because of the structure of the silk, a tied knot will easily open up by itself. But there is help available.

Photo credits are to Hermès

Hermes Formula 286
Hermes Formula 296
Hermes Formula 288
Hermes Formula 266
Hermes Formula 290
Hermes Formula 288
Hermes Formula 292
Hermes Formula 236
Hermes Formula 298

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