About us


AFASHIONISTASTORE is a unique consignment concept with a focus on providing a high-style and pleasurable experience for both seller an buyer. AFASHIONISTASTORE began after London based Andreea sought to maintain her passion for designer clothing , by selling her own gently-used pieces . To her surprise, Andreea discovered a worldwide community of fashionistas that would pay top money for meticulously cared for, new or gently worn fashion from highly sought after design houses. Andreea tapped her loyal Ebay following and quietly began helping London’s stylish elite turn their wearable art into cash…and that’s how AFASHIONISTASTORE was born.

Do you have clothes and accessories in your closet that never leave your closet ?… The dress you were seen in about town, and just can’t be seen in again ? Last year’s “IT” bag that’s no longer “IT” for you ? What about the sexy LOUBOUTIN’s you had your head set on but were just too hard to walk in ? Those red sole never saw the light of day (or night)!!!Why let all those gems sit in your closet , when they can earn you money ?

Fashion broker and style consultant. AFASHIONSITASTORE is a clothing and accessories agent, arranging the sale of goods between their owners and customers. Delve into the closets of the fabulously rich and famous! Check back regularly, we update daily.