Babolat Pure Drive Lite Tennis Racket

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Babolat Pure Drive Lite

With the 2018 version of the Pure Drive Lite, Babolat keeps a good thing going. Like past versions of the Pure Drive Lite, this racquet is perfect for improving beginners and strong juniors. It should also appeal to the intermediate player who wants a user-friendly entry point into the speed, spin and power of the Pure Drive series. For 2018, Babolat updates the Pure Drive Lite with FSI Power. This technology includes diamond shaped grommet holes and wider string spacing, giving this racquet a little more power, spin and comfort than the previous version. The Pure Drive Lite also gets updated with Babolat's latest Cortex dampening system, which deploys a specialized rubber material for an even more arm-friendly feel at ball impact. From the baseline, the Pure Drive Lite moves through contact with remarkable ease. As a result, less advanced players will find it easier to generate the stroke speed needed for effective pace and spin. Spin is further enhanced by this racquet's open 16x19 string pattern, making this an obvious choice for the burgeoning topspin player or anyone who could use easy access to spin. At net, this racquet's fast feel will not only enable you to react quickly to incoming shots, but it has enough power for hitting piercing volleys. Finally, players looking to serve more aggressively should love how fast this stick moves through contact

Condition: Pre-owned. Wear. One string damaged.