WILSON Black & Red Pro Staff 97 Tour Racket

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WILSON  Black & Red Pro Staff 97 Tour Racket.  

Tennis at the highest level


 Compatible with the Sony Smart Tennis Sensor. Article number: 1297230000800000

The RF97 and the Pro Staff series were designed 100% by Roger Federer himself: he gave the aesthetic inspiration for the Performance rackets of 2017.


Roger’s racket in a more lightweight version for an easier swing.

Braided Graphite:

The braided graphite delivers the pure, solid and consistent feeling that has been popular with players for decades. Its strong structure reduces vibration and improves handling and control.


For aggressive players

This racket has been developed for aggressive players that need a racket to channel their power.

Aggressive players play the ball right after the serve and immediately sprint forward towards the baseline, so they can score a point right away if a short volley is returned. They command their shots, try to establish their own position and dictate the game.

They are sure-footed on the court, no matter if they are playing forward or to the sides.


Condition: Pre-owned. Light wear.


Designer : Wilson