Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 (18x20) Racquets Racket

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Wilson K Factor KSix-One 95 (18x20) Racquets Racket

Representing a newer trend in tennis racquet design, the KSix-One 95 (18x20) from WILSON shares many things with the other version of the KSix-One 95 except the string pattern. The same Karophite Blackmaterial in K Factor racquets is used to make the KSix-One 95 a stiffer, more stable racquet. By making a denser string pattern the racquet will play with more control since, on impact with the ball, the strings will not flex as much. With the denser string pattern, the feel from this racquet will not be as lively as the 16x18 version.

The string pattern can have a surprisingly large impact on how the racquet plays and feels and while the looser string pattern version of this racquet still offers a bountiful supply of control, the (18x20) plays similar to a racquet that has a smaller head size. By engineering KSix-One 95 to offer even more control, the type of player who will most effectively wield this frame are advanced players with long and fast swings. We recommend this racquet for NTRP players

Condition: Pre-owned.Some wear.

Designer : Wilson